MAP: Syrian Army encircles Hama salient after taking Khan Sheykhun

Following the very recent liberation of Khan Sheykhun, the Syrian Army has since proceeded to successfully encircle the militant-held north Hama salient after units advancing via the Sukayk front met with units in the city.
Moments ago, field sources speaking to Muraselon News confirmed that the two flanks of the Syrian Army advance across the Idlib-Hama border region connected at Khan Sheykhun following a final, mostly unopposed westwards push from government forces via Tal Ter’i.
It remains to be seen how events south of Khan Sheykhun in the militant-controlled north Hama strongholds Kafr Zita, Al-Latamaneh and Murak play-out in the coming days.
There are still insurgent fighters, hundreds it seems, based in these northern Hama cities – that much is known. Whether or not they intend to fight to the death (unlikely, but still always a possibility) or call it quits and request freedom to retreat north beyond Khan Sheykhun is yet to be seen.
Also to be observed in the coming days is the fate of the Turkish observation base south of Murak city.
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