Breaking: Syrian Army liberates Khan Sheykhun as militants flee city

The Syrian Army has liberated the city of Khan Sheykhun amid a mass withdrawal of militant forces from city to both the north and the south.
Field source speaking to Muraselon News confirmed that the Syrian Army entered the Khan Sheykhun a certain time ago, systematically combing through its neighborhoods and as of a matter of minutes ago, declared full control of the city.
Militants including both Turkish-backed Islamists and Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists quickly retreated from Khan Sheykhun despite claims from certain Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (an unofficial affiliate of the later mentioned group) units claiming they would fight to the death.
By expelling militant fighters from Khan Sheykhun, the Syrian Army has effectively besieged the remaining insurgent-controlled areas of northern Hama province to the city’s south – namely Kafr Zita, Al-Latamaneh and Murak.
The disposition of Islamist and jihadist factions in northern Hama is still unclear, with early (unconfirmed) reports that they have either withdrawn north out of the salient or towards the Turkish observation base at Murak.
More information, including map updates, to follow in the coming hours.

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