Exclusive: Syrian air force destroys precious targets in western Idlib (Video)

A field source told Muraselon News that Syrian air force on Friday destroyed a precious target in al-Arbaeen mountain area in western Idlib countryside.
The Source said that Syrian helicopters targeted with 4 Russian FAB air-dropped bombs two bases for Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in al-Arbaeen mountain region completely destroying it and killing, injuring all fighters inside it who were transferred to a field hospital in Sarjah town.
A video was posted online shows the moment one of the four FAB bombs hit one of the bases in Arbaeen area.

The field source added that the Syrian air force also destroyed another valued target in Harsh Masibeen town in the same region, where two Syrian Su-24 warplanes targeted a gathering of FSA group Suqour al-Sham and foreign fighters from Turkistan Islamic Party group (TIP) killing and injuring more than 20 of them.
In the meantime, the opposition media outlets continue to mourn death of fighters that were killed in battle against the Syrian army and allies.
Meanwhile, Syrian air force as well as missile and artillery units continue to heavy pound jihadists positions and movements across Kafr Nabudah, Hobait and the surroundings areas.

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