Exclusive: SAA Tiger Forces unleash hell over Kafr Nabudah following successful rescue mission

The Syrian Army elite Tiger Forces have unleashed hell this evening over jihadist rebels that entered Kafr Nabudah town in north-western Hama countryside.
A field source told Muraselon News that following the capture of Kafr Nabudah by militants led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Syrian army halted strikes on jihadist rebels inside the town for a few hours due to a group of army troops being besieged inside it.
The source added that Tiger forces elite units managed in a successful mission to lift siege of the group and evacuated them to safety.
Following the successful rescue mission, the Syrian army units and Russian-Syrian air forces have unleashed hell over Kafr Nabudah where tens of airstrikes, missile, artillery strikes have hit the jihadists across the town so far.
The Syrian army vows to recapture Kafr Nabudah and eliminate all militants that entered it in the upcoming few hours.

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