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Syria.. Watch how militants tried to hide their losses during Kafr Nabudah Battle (Pictures)

Jihadist rebels led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham managed yesterday to capture Kafr Nabudah town in northwestern Hama after heavy battle with the Syrian army in the area.

Despite the capture of the town, the jihadists suffered heavy losses in their fighter ranks and their equipment.

According to sources, more than 150 militants were killed, 3 tanks and more than 20 vehicles destroyed during the jihadists attack on Kafr Nabudah.


To hide their losses, media outlets belong to jihadist groups published pictures and videos from inside Kafr Nabudah showing destroyed vehicles and tanks pretending they are destroyed vehicles for the Syrian Army.

However, after an investigation and checking various pictures and videos from the opposition media.

It turned out that most destroyed vehicles showed in rebel videos are actually their own vehicles that were destroyed by the Syrian army during invasion of Kafr Nabudah.

Below you can see the pictures:

First picture shows a tank belong to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) before storming Kafr Nabudah

Second picture shows the same tank destroyed inside the town during the battle (notice the side armor)


Next picture shows BMP-1 vehicle also belongs to HTS during the attack (notice the number 46 on it)

The same BMP vehicle shown here destroyed inside the town where jihadists claimed it belongs to the Syrian army.


In the meantime, opposition media outlets start publishing reports showing the rebel actual losses in fighters where Jaish al-Izza FSA group admitted that they lost 21 fighters including couple of field commanders in Kafr Nabudah.

Also, 17 rebel fighters who evacuated to Idlib from E.Ghouta and northern Homs countryside were killed and their names were published on the social media.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also added that more than 15 foreign jihadists were killed in the battle after they entered a mines field on the outskirts of Kafr Nabudah.

The Syrian Army retreated from Kafr Nabudah town yesterday after jihadist rebels stormed the town from 3 axes using suicide bombers and car bombs, where army units led by Tiger forces have started heavy shelling by artillery and missiles on Kafr Nabudah and its surroundings in bid to storm and recapture the town.

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