Palmyra's oldest spring re-flow after 25-year-drought – VIDEO

The 6,000-year-old spring of Afqa, one of the most important tourist attractions in Palmyra, central Homs, has returned to flow in 2019 after a break of more than 25 years.
According to media outlets, the spring water flows naturally between the rocks in a cave of about 400 meters inside the mountain Muntar in southern Tadmur.
“The return of spring water now is the return of the lifeline of the Palmyra orchards that arose on this water and helps to preserve the cave archaeological.” local media reported.
The water of “Afqa” spring is sulfate mineral water, constant temperature (33 degrees) in all seasons of the year, and takes 60 liters per second, water used to irrigate the oasis of Palmyra and heals a number of diseases … Anemia, kidneys, , Liver diseases, skin diseases, chest, bronchial and lung diseases. Its water contains chlorine, magnesium and sulfur. It has radioactivity equivalent to 11%, its water is acidic, it is active for circulation, glands, and antacid.
“Afqa” water spring was sacred to the ancient Palmyrians as the spring name means the “sunrise” or “start” is still written at the exit of the cave.

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