Tourist group from Canada, France and Switzerland visit Syria's Palmyra – Photos

Tourist group that comprises 35 tourists from France, Canada and Switzerland visited the archaeological city of Palmyra on Sunday after suspension during the 8-year-war in Syria.
The group visited the famous sites of Bel temple , Arch of Triumph, the street of columns and many other archaeological monuments.
Members of the group documented by videos and photos acts of sabotage and destruction that affected the city at the hands of Daesh terrorist organization.

The Canadian psychologist Gini Borjem said in a statement to SANA: “My dream is achieved by visiting the ruins of Tadmur.” He expressed his deep sorrow to the destruction of the city’s most historic cultural by terrorists.

Also, The French tourist Aland Lupineh said that his visit to Syria is a message of love and peace to the country of history and human heritage, which is considered as the beginning of civilization from the east to the west, pointing out that Palmyra abounds with archaeological sites, despite the destruction caused by the enemies of human culture, calling on international organizations to contribute in rebuilding these historical monuments to return to what it was in the past.

The French Dr. Giselle Flo, a specialist in neurology, pointed out that the historical city of Tadmur is very beautiful and a place worth visiting, expressing her great to what happened to the ancient city.

On March 2017, The Syrian Arab Army backed by the Russian aerospace forces succeeded in liberating the entire city of Palmyra from ISIS militants.

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