Two blasts target convoy of HTS terrorist leader Julani in Idlib – VIDEO

Two violent blasts rocked the city of Idlib, a few minutes apart, the first caused by an explosive device placed in a car, and the second was a car bomb that hit ​​al-Qusor area south of Idlib city.

Local sources in Idlib told “Sputnik” agency that two violent explosions rocked the city on Monday, only 3 minutes apart, it turned out that the first explosion was caused by an explosive device placed in a car, the second was caused by a car bomb in ​​al-Qusor area south of Idlib city.

Locals in Idlib told “Sputnik” the blasts had rocked the headquarters of the al-Qaeda- linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). The initial toll of the blasts so far is 21 terrorists killed including 9 foreign militants and more than 35 wounded.

The sources stressed that a meeting was scheduled to take place inside one of this headquarters, including first-line leaders, including the general commander of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, “Abu Mohammad al-Julani”.

The sources confirmed that the blasts coincided with the presence of a security convoy believed to belong to al-Julani, as he passed through ​​al-Qusor area. Preliminary information indicates that a number of foreign militants were killed in the blasts and others were injured.

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