WATCH: Afrin forces convoy annihilated by air force strikes in Idlib

Video footage has been released on pro-militant media sites that shows the result of an attack by either the Syrian or Russian air force against a convoy belonging to a Turkish-backed militant group from Aleppo’s Afrin region.
The insurgent convoy had left it base of operations in Afrin southbound for the province of Idlib in order to confront the Syrian Army amid a major government offensive to capture Khan Sheykhun city.
Whilst the video is verified as legitimate in terms of it being the aftermath of a pro-government strike on a Turkish-backed Islamist faction convoy originating from Afrin in the last day, the exact militant group to whom the now destroyed vehicles belong is not known yet.
In all probability, the convoy belonged to the Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction – a well known group within the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army coalition that operates out of Afrin. This faction began sending reinforcements to southern Idlib province in recent days.

It is worth mentioning that the footage has falsely been reported to be the result of Syrian Air Force strikes against a Turkish military convoy that took place on Monday morning in the area of Murat al-Numan. All sources claiming this are incorrect.

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