Breaking: Syrian Army ejects jihadists from key stronghold in south Idlib (MAP)

After a long day and night of clashes involving gunfights, airstrikes and heavy artillery shelling, the Syrian Army has seized a key militant stronghold in the southern countryside of Idlib province.
According to field sources in contact with Muraselon News, the Syrian Army – led by the elite Tiger Forces Division – has driven jihadist forces from the city of Al-Hobait, a key militant stronghold on the western road towards Khan Sheykhun.
The capture of the town opens up two potential strategic opportunities for the Syrian Army should it choose to conduct further offensive operations throughout the northern Hama, southern Idlib region.
Chief among these is that the larger and highly-prized cities of Kafr Zita and Al-Latamaneh are now completely exposed to an attack from their virtually unprotected northern directions, a place where neither city has defenses pointing.
The second option involves a direct advance on Khan Sheykhun from the western direction, however this seems unlikely until other key militant strongholds further south of it (i.e. Murak, Kafr Zita and Al-Latamaneh) are neutralized of their jihadist presence for the sake of operational soundness.
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