Russian military captures US and Israeli weapons cache in southern Syria [VIDEO]

The Syrian security forces and the Russian military police, together with corporation of civilians, managed to seize a cache of weapons, rockets and military equipment, some of them are US and Israeli-made, from the remnants of armed terrorist groups in Daraa province.

Since the beginning of this month, the Syrian security services have been able to seize several large warehouses in Daraa al-Balad farms and in the outskirts of the border town of Naseeb. Some of these tunnels are located between 6 meters and 15 meters deep, some of them a few meters from the Jordanian border.

The captured weapons include, Heavy and light weapons, various munitions, including US and Israeli-made weapons, surface-to-air missiles with their own launch pads, US-made TOW missiles and anti-tank missiles, (B9 and RPGs).

In southern Damascus, the authorities, the Russian military police have also discovered a cache with the help of local residents, capturing various types of weapons, ammunition and equipment for manufacturing explosives.

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