Lebanon: servicemen prevent Israeli soldiers from placing fence on borders [VIDEO]

Two Lebanese soldiers have been emerged in a short video footage, preventing an Israeli squad from coming in and placing a barbed wire fence on the border line in southern Lebanon.

According to Lebanese media, the servicemen prevented the Israeli soldiers from placing the fence because the Lebanese geographical team was absence.

The picture below clarifies how the Lebanese army insisted to remove the recently established Israeli wire at a point after crossing the Blue Line according to the geographical survey.

The event took place in “Meiss Ej Jabal” area which is a village in the Marjeyoun District of southern Lebanon.


Additional video report from main Hezbollah Tv of Al-Manar.

On December 11th, The Lebanese military deployed some of its troops into southern borders in response to the recent Israeli movements to uncover “alleged Hezbollah tunnels” in the area.

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