Israeli website reveals new Hezbollah surprise to Israel

An Israeli intelligence website revealed a new surprise of Hezbollah to the Israeli army.

The Israeli intelligence website (DEBKA) said on Tuesday that Hezbollah is preparing to hold demonstrations and marches along the Lebanese border with Israel in front of the Israeli army.

Hizballah activists began organizing groups of “demonstrators” in the Shiite villages of South Lebanon for mob assaults from behind the Lebanese border on the IDF teams excavating tunnels.” DEBKA said.

The DEBKAfile reported that “Hizballah strategists estimate that thousands of Shiite men, women and children can be mobilized to harass the Israeli soldiers unearthing its tunnels. By turning up at different points, they would seriously hamper the Israeli operation.”

The Israeli army launched a military campaign called “Northern Shield” to detect and destroy Hezbollah tunnels on the northern border between Occupied Palestine and Lebanon, starting from the fourth of this month.

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