Syria has a version of S-300 system that no other country has

Russian has supplied Syria with a unique version of S-300 air defense missile system that is entirely district from other traditional versions and has the most state-of-the- art specifications, a Russian newspaper reported.

Izvestia, a daily broadsheet newspaper in Russia, quoted a source at the Russian Ministry of Defense saying that the S-300 missile system provided to the Syrian Army is equipped with an advanced radar station, an updated launcher and a mobile command center.

“The updated launchers allow the use of powerful, long-range ammunition. Unlike other traditional versions, the advanced S-300 missile system is capable of intercepting medium-range ballistic missiles and hitting targets at a range of 250 km”, the newspaper said.

“It can also be operated in conditions of electronic warfare”, it added.

The source categorically denied that the S-300 missile system in question will be operated by Iranian experts, confirming that the system can only be run by Russian experts.

“The Iranians haven’t worked on such system before. The S-300 PMO2 currently available in Iran is a customized version for export only with a much easier operating system compared to the Russian version”, the source was quoted saying.

Earlier this month, sources affiliated with the US and Israeli intelligence services claimed that Iranian military experts will operate the newly-delivered S-300 missile system in Syria.

The claim (denied by Russia) acts as a flimsy excuse to target – with sir strikes – the advanced air defense system in Syria.

Russia has supplied – free of charge – the Syrian Army with 3 battalions of S300 air defense missile systems which include 300 missiles and advanced radar systems.

Translation by Muraselon

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