Israel has “its own ways’ to deal with S-300 missiles in Syria !

A high-level Israeli source said that his country won’t attempt to prevent the delivery of S-300 missiles  to Syria but has its own ways to deal with it.

According to “i24News”, the source stated that in in case Syria received the S-300 missiles, Israel has the ability to deal with such missile systems with its own ways.

The S-300 missiles can destroy ballistic missiles with maximum speed of 4500 km\s, and are considered very advanced for the Syrian Army which still operates the older version S-200.

One battalion consists of a long-range radar to detect the hostile targets, a command center to process the information, six rocket launchers each carrying 6 missiles and a shirt-range radar to track the targets and guide the missiles.

The system can – at one time – deal with 24 aircraft or 16 ballistic missiles up to 250 km away.

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