S-300 classified info revealed to Israel by Ukraine

“S-300 is powerless on F35”: “Ukraine is spreading secrets” Ivan Zhukovsky wrote in ‘Gazeta Ru‘ about Ukraine providing the Israeli and US air force with the secrets of the Russian missile system.

In details: US-Israeli military delegation visited Ukraine secretly to study the characteristics of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems that in service of the Ukrainian forces. According to Soha News, Ukrainians gave information to the Americans and Israelis, plus the opportunity to test them on the ground.

The tests were conducted with the participation of 18 US-made F-15C Eagle aircraft led by Israeli pilots. With these fourth-generation fighters, S-300 capabilities were identified.”

In addition, “the Ukrainian military convinced US and Israeli experts that the characteristics of the domestic S-300 are not fundamentally different from the air defense system sent to Syria” according to the National News Agency. As a result, Israeli Air Force experts concluded that the F-35 fighter jets would be “weakened” on the Russian S-300.

Zhukovsky continues, “But, although the F-35, F-22 Raptor are a fifth-generation fighter, their capabilities are far from unlimited. Colonel Nicolai Tolcachev, of the Marshal Zhukov Military Academy, said in an interview with Gazeta Ru that the S300 and S-400 systems operate with confidence on targets with an effective reflective surface similar to the F-35.

“The S-300 and F-35 capabilities should not be evaluated as if they were in a duel. In a very rare battle, “success in air combat and battle depends mainly on the high professional skills of combat crews.” Colonel Tolkachev added.

Translated by Muraselon.

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