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MOSCOW: We train Syrian soldiers on S-300 as “hotheads” must stop provocations

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that its advisers are training the Syrian military to use the S-300 air defense and alerted the foreign parties to the need to refrain from military provocations in Syria.

The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashnikov, said during a press conference held today that Moscow has completed the supply of the Syrian army with the systems of “S-300” and “Buliana D-4” control systems, recalling that this action was taken to strengthen the security of the Russian military In Syria and ensure the safety of flights in its skies and the protection of important sites in the territory of the country.

He called on “hot heads” to assess the situation in the region objectively, and refrain from taking any provocative actions in Syrian territory.


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Moscow decided to export S-300 systems to Damascus in response to the fall of the Russian Il-20 aircraft by mistake of Syrian air defenses in August during Israeli air strikes on Lattakia.

The Russian Defense Ministry blamed Tel Aviv for the tragic incident that claimed lives of 15 Russian servicemen.

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