Syrian S-300 caught by Israeli satellite [PICTURES]

An Israeli website claimed that he had received photos from an Israeli satellite showing the first Syrian S-300 systems deployed recently in Syria.

According to the Israeli “Haaretz”, the images show 4 launchpads of S-300 missiles after their deployment in the area of Musayaf in central Syria.

The site says, drawing on one of the experts, that “these images actually show S-300 systems but incomplete.”

The Russian newspaper “Izvestia” has quoted a source in the Russian Defense Ministry that the “S -300PM-2,” which was delivered to Syria recently, completely different from any exporting or classic system of this kind, and features very modern specifications .

The source said that these missile systems are equipped with a modern radar station, upgraded fire radar and a mobile command center.

The S-300 rocket launchers are up-to-date, allowing it to use powerful long-range munitions. Unlike classical systems, it is capable of intercepting medium-range tactical ballistic missiles and hitting 250 km of air targets.

The Syrian S-300PM-2 is also capable of operating under conditions of electronic warfare, systems that only the Russian army possesses.

Russia has given Syria three battalions of the S-300PM2 air defense system free of charge. These battalions contain 24 launch platforms equipped with 300 ‘S-300’ missiles as well as sophisticated radar systems.


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