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UK Spy Plane Reportedly Spotted Near Syrian Border Amid S-300 Delivery

Improved versions of the S-300 air defense systems were supplied to Syria by Moscow following a lethal incident near Latakia province, when a Russian recon jet was accidently downed by Syrian air defenses repelling an Israeli air raid.

A Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft of the UK’s Royal Air Force has conducted a flight over the territories of Israel and Jordan, near the Syrian border, several flight tracking services reported. An aircraft with the number ZZ666 took off from Souda Bay Air Base on Crete, flew along the southern border of the Arab Republic and then returned to the air base via the same path.

This is the second time this week that the RAF has flown aircraft near the Syrian border. The previous time, RC-135W Rivet Joint reconnaissance and Sentinel R.1 ground surveillance planes flew a similar path on October 16. The RC-135W Rivet Joint is capable of detecting emissions produced by radars and thus discovering the locations of enemy air defenses.


The recon flight comes two weeks after the deployment of Russian S-300 air defense systems in Syria, following an incident in Syrian airspace near Latakia, when a Syrian S-200 shot down a Russian recon plane while repelling an attack by Israeli air force.


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