Hard-line militants breach Russia-Turkey deal as Syrian troops foil infiltration attempt

Northern Hama militants keep breaking the recently reached Russia-Turkey deal of de-militarized zone around the rebel-dominated province of Idlib.

The Syrian troops operating in Al-Ghab plain pf Hama province, thwarted rebel infiltration attempt toward government-held lands, inflicting serious causalities among the attackers.

At early morning, the reconnaissance units detected militants movements of the Turkistan Islamic Party
trying to advance toward Army controlled areas. However, the Syrian troops responded with heavy bombardments.

SANA news agency reported on the event saying “heavy causalities were occurred following the Army bombing near Tal Wasit and Mansoura villages as the rest of the attackers fled the area immediately.

Moreover, The Syrian units foiled a similar infiltration attempt a day earlier. In response, artillery and rocket forces struck several positions of “Jaish Al-Izzah” militants in the northern and northwestern Hama countryside.

On September 17th, Russia and Turkey agreed to create a demilitarized buffer zone in Syria’s Idlib province to separate government forces from the rebel groups based there.

The Russian president said that under the deal, all heavy weaponry, including tanks, rocket launch systems and mortar launchers operated by rebel groups would need to be pulled out of the buffer zone by 10 October.

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