How Americans tried to steal the S-300 missiles secrets ?

The United States carried out a special intelligence operation during the 90s to steal the secrets of S-300 missiles , a Russian journalist stated.

“In the 90, I have worked in an unbelievable case concerning selling our S-300 missile system to the United States. I managed to obtain astonishing information from my sources inside the government, military industrial sector, Defense Ministry and Intelligence. The pentagon was extremely nervous that our S-300 had outdone the US Patriot”, Victor Parantis told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

“The CIA initiated a mission to revel the secrets of S-300 missiles, dubbed ‘Mission Gladiator'”, he added.

According to the journalist, the CIA managed to steal some of the software of the S-300 steering system through bribing two employees at the design office and research center.

“However, they failed to reveal the secrets of this air defense system. And when they attempted to break through the steering systems, all electronics and boards have been disabled”, he went on.

Following this unsuccessful attempt, the American tried to accomplish this mission in another way. “They offered a general at our defense sector $140,000,000 to buy a full version of S-300 missiles”, he commented.

“The general was impressed by the offer but still needed the consent of Boris Yeltsin, the President of the Russian Federation, who had been convinced by the general that we can use the American money to develop better weapons than the S-300 while they [Americans] will be busy excavating the S-300 secrets”.

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Yeltsin then ordered to hand over S-300 missiles to the USA, with all manuals and booklets translated into English.

“The Russian government got only $47,000,000. It took years for the Americans to upgrade their Patriot missiles to be close in capabilities to the S300”, he concluded.

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