BREAKING MAP: Syrian troops storm large ISIS bastion in Al-Yarmouk basin [video]

The Syrian military has reported that the combat forces are storming main terrorist stronghold of “Al-Shajarah” – in Al-Yarmouk basin – from two axes; the northern and the eastern directions.


Al-Shajarah town is seen as the most strategic headquarter of ISIS terrorists, and it was previously a launchpad for several operations towards the opposition-held areas in western Daraa.


Few hours ago, Ruplty published a battleground footage emerges Syrian troops marching toward Al-Shajarah town to expel ISIS from the embattled town.


Yesterday, the government troops were capable to gain control over 8 hamlets including “Nfi’ah” town in the northern sector of Al-Yarmouk, following fierce clashes with ISIL.


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