Prominent reconciled rebel commander assassinated in Daraa’s Inkhil

Prominent rebel commander “Yasser al-Tawirish”, was assassinated by unknown assailants who shot him in front of his house in Inkhil town, western Daraa countryside.

al-Tuwirish was one of the most prominent leaders who had entered into reconciliation with the Syrian government, and had previously led the “First Front Brigade” faction of the Southern Front.

Pro-opposition media reported recently that “Before the start of the Syrian military campaign, Daraa witnessed assassination of dozens of people accused of promoting reconciliation with the government.”

There are also many effective leaders who have entered into “reconciliation” with the government such as “Ahmed al-Awda” ;the leader of the “Sunni Youth Forces”, and “Abu Bakr al-Hassan” ;the leader of the revolution army, along with several military commanders in Quneitra province.

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