Map update: Syrian troops are one step to finish ISIS in western Daraa

The Syrian government troops keep advancing in southern Syria, liberating new swath of lands, as ISIS is on the verge of complete defeat in western Daraa province.

New batch of villages have been liberated following skirmishes with the terror group of ISIS, including the major stronghold of “Nafi’ah” town, in the embattled Al-Yarmouk basin.

Military source pointed out that “the progress achieved by the Syrian army units has tightened the siege on the terrorists of “Da’ash” in the towns of “Al-Shajarah, Beit Arah, Koya, Ma’araba and Abdeen” that located in far Syrian southwestern corner.

The source said the army’s operations in these areas left many terrorists dead, adding that the army seized large amounts of weapons and ammo, while engineering units are currently dismantling landmines and IEDs planted by terrorists in the area.

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