Map update: Syrian Army converges on ISIS in west Daraa, gains more territories

As their stronghold on its way to vanishing, The government troops keep advancing on ISIS, tightening the noose around the terrorists, restoring more areas in Al-Yarmouk basin.

For the 3rd day in a row, the Syrian troops has been scoring remarkable progress in western Daraa province, where ISIS controls few kilometers swath of lands since 2016.

Military source declared on Wednesday that the combat forces succeeded in liberating 7 different areas located in northern and eastern Al-Yarmouk basin, including Saida town. [Check out the map]

In a related story, ISIS groups stationed in the far eastern countryside of Al-Swuaida were able to infiltrate inside the city, carrying out three suicide attacks that resulted in killing 150, injuring 200, according to local source.

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