Israel shoots down Syrian warplane while bombing ISIS in southwest the country

On Tuesday morning, a Syrian warplane took off from its airbase in order to carry out a combat sortie in bombarding the terror group of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Al-Yarmouk basin west of Deraa province.

While roaming the sky of Al-Qunaitra governorate, above the ISIS-controlled “Saida” hamlet, surprisingly Israel air-defense batteries fired two missiles towards the Syrian jet, that in the end resulted in downing it.

The story that was reported by the Israeli military is claiming that “the Syrian jet crossed about 1 mile into Israeli airspace”.

Nevertheless, Saida village is located inside the Syrian territories and few kilometers from the Occupied Golan Heights. However, several social media outlets said that the Colonel “Omran Mer’ei”, the pilot of the downed Sukhoi was killed.

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