Around 150 killed, 200 injured by series of ISIS suicide bombs struck As-Swuaida city

Hundreds of civilians were killed and got critically wounded by recent massive suicide bombs, targeted the city center of As-Swuaida province.

Local media said that the up-to-date death toll has reached 147 dead and 200 wounded following a series of suicide bombs hit three crowded areas across the druze-populated city.

In the eastern gate of Al-Swuaida, the local fighters and the Syrian troops also managed to monitor the militants movements and engaged with them at the early morning, killing 16 terrorist equipped with explosive belts.

Furthermore, the terror group of ISIS claimed – in a statement – the responsibility of the recent attacks, as this is considered as the first major terrorist attack inside Al-Swuaida this year.

In a retaliation to the terrorist attacks, Al-Swuaida local fighters captured ISIS militants alive and then hanged him publicity.




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