BREAKING MAP : Syrian Army gains 6 towns, 3 key hilltops in Northern Daraa

Aiming to clear out the southern militants bastion of Daraa province, the Syrian Army keep advancing steadily, liberating 6 towns and 3 key hilltops in Northern Daraa .


Military sources said on Monday that six villages (Kafr Nasij – Nmr – ALMall-Tal AL Mall – Aqraba – Tal Aqraba- Tal Muhs- and Al-A’aliah towns) that located in the northwestern countryside of embattled province.


towns of southern sector of Qunitrah province witnessed big protests against militants where protesters called for Syrian army to enter their towns and to kick militants out of their home-towns.


where residents of the towns marked in purple in the map  protested against militants today in the streets calling Syrian army to enter their towns.


on the other hand, in Eastern countryside of Daraa in Busra Al-Sham town, the Syrian flag was raised today above the main square of the town declaring the town free from terrorists following reconciliation agreement in it


source: muraselon


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