We struck ” senior Commander ” in Lebanon’s Beqaa : Israel says

A Lebanese security source said Friday that a member of a Lebanese militant group close to Hamas was killed in an Israeli strike on eastern Lebanon.

“A Lebanese member of the Jamaa Islamiya was killed in an Israeli drone attack that targeted his car” on the road to Meidun in the Bekaa valley, said the source on condition of anonymity.

Israel’s army confirmed the report, naming the man as Mosab Khalaf and describing him as a “senior terrorist in the Jamaa Islamiya” group.

Later ,  The Islamic Group and its military wing – Al-Fajr Forces  announced the killed of Commanders Musab Saeed Khalaf and Bilal Muhammad Khalaf

“The two martyrs rose while performing their jihadist duty in defense of their people in the south and in support of Palestine.” , It said .

” The two martyrs Khalaf were killed as a result of a treacherous Israeli raid that targeted them in the Western Bekaa.” it added

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