Daraa Map: Syrian Army liberates strategic hilltop overlooking occupied Golan Heights.

The government troops have scored remarkable advance in northwest Daraa province, liberating key mountaintop that overlooking the occupied Golan Heights .



The strategic hilltop of “Al-Harra” is located 50 kilometers to the northwest of the southern province.


Military source reported on Monday that the combat troops were capable to storm the rebel defenses from the north and east axes, imposing full control following heavy clashes and bombardment.

This achievement forced the Al-Harra town militants to surrender and reconcile with government, local media said.

Furthermore, the ground troops succeeded in gaining Al-Taiha northern countryside of Daraa province and Tal Mashara ,Mashara town which stationed in the countryside of Quneitra province.

Private reports told Muraselon that the militants of “Nimr,Ayn Tina, Hijjah and Qusaiba” towns have hoisted the Syrian flag to indicate acceptance of negotiations.


What’s more, the bordering village of “Al-Sousah” also accepted the terms of negotiations with government.


source: muraselon



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