Major opposition force demonstrates HUGE military parade in Daraa, as Syrian Army keeps mobilizing

Titling their YouTube video as “The preparedness to confront the Syrian regime and the Iranian militias in the south of Syria.” Jaish Ahrar Al-Ashaer; major opposition force operating in Daraa, released a fresh footage featuring their military capabilities, prior to long-awaited SAA campaign in the region.
The video shows hundreds of militants riding their technical and armored vehicles marching slowly in a desert area, somewhere on the southern Syrian province territories.
The military parade comes four days after a similar parade by the “Youth of the Sunnah” faction in the eastern countryside of Deraa, stressing its readiness for the next battle.
On the other hand, more reinforcement from various Syrian Army and allied forces keep arriving in Al-Qunaitra and Daraa, amid limited and shy political talks between the regional countries to reaching a peaceful deal.
Worth notable that the Syrian and Russian sides gave Daraa militants a deadline; till holy month of Ramadan ends, either to reconcile and evacuate into Idlib or facing a military action.
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