Map: Government troops foil massive ISIS attack near Al-Bukamal, regain outposts

The self-proclaimed terror group of the Islamic state (ISIS) has been intensifying its hit-and-run operations in the oil-rich province of Deir Ezzor, since the first report of the government intentions to gain back the southern province of Daraa.
On Monday afternoon, Syrian troops along the tribesmen fighters managed to thwart suicide attack carried out by ISIS terrorist in the eastern bank of Euphrates in the bordering city of Al-Bukamal.
Military sources confirmed to Muraselon that “the army troops supported by National Defense Forces were capable to stop ISIS attack and fully secured ‘Al-Hasrat, Al-Jala’a and Al-Sayyal’ towns on the western flank of Euphrates river.”
Scores of militants were killed, dozens of technical vehicles were destroyed following the the 48-hour offensive, as all reports of ISIL advance in the western flank of Euphrates are false” war media team cited on Tuesday.
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