MAP: Syrian government forces launch military campaign in eastern Qalamoun

On Wednesday, April 18, Syrian army units launched a military operation against the remaining rebel groups in the eastern Qalamoun mountains in northern Damascus countryside.
Field sources told Muraselon that the operation is concentrated in the surrounding ‘Petra’ Mountains that overlooking the area of ​​Al-Rahiba and its surroundings. The Syrian army is bombing extensively by helicopters, artillery on the jihadists hideout and caves in the mountains.
The operation, in its initial form, aims to cut off the militants supply lines and isolate the Al-Rahiba area from the rest of the surrounding sites and hills, through the ground advance by the forces in the mountains overlooking the town.
The region is under various rebel groups such as “Ahmad Al-Abdo”, “Jaish Tahrir Al-Sham” and a number of other faction of ” Awsod Al-Sharqiyah “who refuse till this moment to reconcile with the government.
On Tuesday evening, the Syrian army received heavy, medium weapons and military equipment from the “Jaish Al-Islam” (Army of Islam) militants in Al-Dumair city in east Qalamoun, acting under the newly concluded agreement between rebels and the government forces.

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