+18: Ghouta rebels rain Damascus with tens of mortars as casualties reported

The rebels operating in the eastern Ghouta region have been firing mortars into the capital Damascus, massively for the 3rd day in a row.
Local sources reported that 3 school children were killed in front of their Al-Salam school in Al-Sha’alaan  by rebel shelling, on Tuesday morning.
Also, the rebels targeted different areas across the capital such as Al-Umayyad Square, the science college, Dahiyat Al-Assad, Bab touma, Al-Tahrir sq and Aleppo street inside Damascus.
In Jaramana district in east Damascus, a young girl and a lady were killed along with 15 wounded by rebel bombing near Al-Rae’es sq, state media reported.
Yet, no final death toll was announced as ongoing mortar attack and increasingly number of casualties.
Furthermore, pro-opposition activists in eastern Ghouta demanded on social media – yesterday – to burn Damascus with its residents.


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