Watch the Syrian air-force striking rebel-held of Harasta with massive bombs

The Syrian army has recently broken the siege of the vehicles base imposed by the Hayyat Tahrir Al-sham along with other Islamist factions by a successful operation.
Video footage was published by pro-government sources on social media, emerges the moment Syrian warplanes bombarding the rebels positions near the military vehicles base of Harasta, east of Damascus.
What’s more, The UK-based Syrian Observatory reported the killing of 87 militants belong to HTS, Ahrar Al Sham Al-Rahman Corps, as many others wounded by Syrian army fire on the vehicles base front in the eastern city of Ghouta within the past 11 days.
More battleground videos of Syrian forces engaging with heavy clashes with the terror group of HTS and Ahrar Al-Sham before lifting the siege of the vehicles base.

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