Turkish military, Syrian rebels snatch key mountain from Kurds in north Afrin (pictures)

Today morning, the Turkish military backed by Syrian rebels managed to seize control over the “Barsaya” mountaintop in northern Afrin region.
Following days of fighting with the YPG militants, the Turkish army was able to capture the contested mount for the 2nd time as the Kurds took it back last week.
Photographs published on social media, feature Turkish soldiers along with the so-called “Free Syrian Army” rebels at the mountaintop of Barsaya.
On the other side, the YPG media denied the capturing of Bursaya mount by the Turkish military.

Also they posted photos of captured YPG militants.

Since the launch of the Turkish military operation in northern Syria’s Afrin, about 86 civilians have been killed and 198 others wounded, the Syrian SANA news agency reported, adding that the offensive had caused damage to civilian infrastructure, residential buildings and archaeological sites.

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