Abu Adduhur map update as never seen before

The Syrian Army with the backing of Russian air forces keep storming the HTS-held areas in the southeastern countryside of Idlib province.
Field sources confirmed that the elite troops of the Tiger Forces managed to liberate 11 hamlets located on the southern outskirts of Abu Adduhur airbase.
With this achievement, the government is on full fire-control over the strategic airbase from the southern side.
What’s more, Military source told Muraselon that the airbase is supposed to be liberated today, as army troops shelling the HTS positions inside it.
On 7 September 2015, rebels launched powerful large-scale assault on the airbase under the cover of a heavy sandstorm, they were able to snatch it two days later.
Aftermath – in a tragic incident –¬†56 Syrian soldiers were executed by the al-Nusra Front (HTS) and the¬†Turkestan Islamic Party, inside the airbase.

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