BREAKING: Islamist groups launch massive attack in eastern Damascus

Today afternoon, the rebellion factions of Ahrar Al-Sham along with Faylaq Al-Rahman group attacked the ‘vehicles base’ of the Syrian Army in Harasta district near Damascus.

Ongoing clashes at the perimeter of the ‘vehicles base’ in a bid to snatch it from the government forces.

The Syrian Air forces are carrying out several airstrikes targeting the jihadists’ reinforcement that come from ‘Madayra’ stronghold in the besieged Eastern Ghouta.

Initial reports from the battlefield of Harsata cited that the deputy director of the ‘vehicles base’ General. Khawajqi has been killed while defending the army base.

The Syrian Army now pushing with ultimate power to hold the vehicles base as its seen as strategic bulwark for the government in areas between eastern Damascus and eastern Ghouta.

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