Syria Map Update | Syrian Army liberates All Damascus Countryside near US Base Along Jordan Borders

Army units regained control over all the hills and the positions on the Syrian – Jordanian borders in the southeastern countryside of Damascus Countryside.

Accoutering to Military source  the army units, in cooperation with the allied and the supporting forces, destroyed the last gatherings of  US-backed rebels at the hills and the positions near the Syrian-Jordanian borders in the southeastern countryside of Damascus.

The source added that by establishing control over these hills and positions, the army has established control over an area of 8 thousand square km in the southeastern countryside.

Earlier on Wednesday , The Army – backed by allies – managed to overrun the US-supported militias, seizing 9 bordering outposts from [ 196 to 204 ], killing, wounding scores

Al-Tanaf border crossing is serves as the main border checkpoint on the highway between Damascus and Baghdad.


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