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US-Backed Militants Blackmailing Civilians to Allow Exit from Al-Tanf Region

Tens of civilians have returned to the regions that are under the Syrian Army’s control after paying a hefty amount of money to be allowed to leave a US-run refugee camp in al-Tanf in Southern Homs, well-informed sources reported on Tuesday.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted the sources as reporting that tens of refugees in al-Rukban camp that is near the US-run al-Tanf base at the border with Iraq have fled towards their villages and towns in Eastern Homs.

It went on to say that the fleeing refugees have paid $2,000 to the US-backed militants to be allowed to leave the camp and move towards the army positions.

The report further said that the army has sent several vehicles to the point 55km away from the US base to relocate fleeing refugees of al-Rukban.


Almost 80,000 refugees in al-Rukban are living under very bad living situation and are actually hostage of the US forces and their allied militants.

The Arabic-language al-Watan, a state-run daily, quoted well-informed sources as reporting earlier today that the “US occupiers” in al-Tanf base at border with Iraq have started recruiting a large number of young men from al-Rukban refugee camp.

It went on to say that the US move is aimed at stretching a security belt around al-Tanf base and al-Rukban camp, adding that a sum of $600 monthly salary has been promised to the fresh forces.

The paper further said that the US forces will train the newly-recruited men who will later wear US military uniform.

The US had previously announced an agreement with Russia to leave al-Tanf soon, but later it halted the plan.


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