AlTanaf US base: Pentagon determines destination of US troops in Syria

US Defense Department official said that the military troops would leave AlTanaf US base and the 55-km zone at a later phase.

The official said in an interview with Al-Hurra Tv that 2130 of US Special Forces troops will leave Syria in the upcoming days and will be deployed in the Iraqi province of Erbil.

He stressed that the US military withdrawal from Syria will implicitly include the AlTanaf US base and the 55 km area, but in later phase.

The Tv channel quoted sources in the Pentagon as saying that “US forces continue to work with their allies on the ground in Syria“, underlining at the same time that “the withdrawal of US forces will be a incentive benefit both Russia and Iran”.

The US President Donald Trump announced yesterday that the US forces will leave Syria and return home after “defeating ISIS.”

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