Dozens Syrian Soldiers killed by treachery ambush in eastern Damascus + Video

The Jihadists of Faylaq Al-Rahman;  an Islamist Syrian rebel group affiliated with Hayyat Tahrir Alsham, have conducted dual ambushes targeting the Syrian Army’s fortified buildings in the long-lasting stronghold of Ayn Tarma in eastern Damascus.

At last night, the rebels managed to sneak – in homemade tunnels – throughout army territories, and succeeded to blow up government held positions with large amount of explosive.

Also in early morning, the militants targeted another army blocks in unidentified area inside Ayn Tarma, causalities were reported.

The video below was released by Faylaq Al-Rahman online, shows moment their heavy tunnel bombing that hit alleged army blocks of flats.


Reportedly, Dozens of the Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed, others got critically wounded, as no specific number of causalities were confirmed whether from SAA or opposition sources.