North Korea holds first ‘nuclear trigger’ drills

North Korea staged the first combined tactical drill simulating a nuclear counterattack with the participation of 600mm super-large multiple rocket sub-units, guided by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on April 22, KCNA news agency reported.

The drill was divided into “an actual drill for making units be versed in the procedure and process of switching over to a nuclear counterattack posture at a time when the ‘Hwasanpalryong’ system, the state’s greatest nuclear crisis alarm, is issued and a drill for operating the nuclear counterattack commanding system,” the agency said.

“The artillerymen of super-large multiple rocket launchers fired in salvo, with firm hostility toward the enemy and transparent viewpoint on the principal enemy. The super-large multiple rocket launchers accurately hit the island target within 352 km range, fully demonstrating their matchless might and perfect actual war posture,” according to the report. Kim Jong Un appreciated the high hit and accuracy of the super-large multiple rocket launchers, saying that “he seemed to see the firing of a sniper’s rifle,” KCNA said

The drill’s main purpose is to demonstrate the reliability, superiority, might and diverse means of the DPRK’s nuclear force and to strengthen the nuclear force both in quality and quantity. The drill is “a clear warning signal to the enemies as it was conducted at a time when the enemies’ military confrontation racket against the DPRK is being committed with extremely provocative and aggressive nature,” the agency said.

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