How South Korea is retaliating against North Korea’s trash balloons

South Korea will begin loudspeaker broadcasts directed at North Korea on Sunday that will be “unbearable” for the Kim Jong Un regime, its National Security Council said, after Pyongyang resumed sending balloons carrying trash across the border.

The Council met on Sunday morning, after dozens of balloons with trash attached were found in Seoul and in areas near the border earlier in the day and overnight.

“The measures we will take may be unbearable for the North Korean regime but they will send a message of hope and light to the North’s troops and its people,” the Council said.

South Korea has warned it would take “unendurable” measures against the North for sending the trash balloons, which could include blaring propaganda broadcasts from huge loudspeakers set up at the border directed at the North.

Pyongyang started sending balloons carrying trash and manure across the border in May and has said the move was in retaliation to anti-North leaflets flown by South Korean activists as part of a propaganda campaign.

On June 2, it said it would temporarily halt sending the balloons because 15 tons of trash it sent was probably enough to get the message across on how “unpleasant” it was. However, it vowed to resume if leaflets are again flown from the South by sending hundred times the amount.

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