IDF claimed that 40 targets in South Lebanon were bombed (Video)

The Israeli army claimed that 40 targets in south Lebanon were struck a short while ago, including storage facilities, weaponry and additional  infrastructures used by the Hezbollah organization in the area .

A video was posted By IDF on X  showing violent air strikes on sites in southern Lebanon

Lebanese sources said vicinity of Aita al-Shaab areas was hit with at least 14 airstrikes.

The raids come after Hezbollah launched an air attack yesterday on Israeli military sites in Akka, northern Israel.

Earlier in the day, Hezbollah said it had launched drone attacks on northern Israeli bases in retaliation for the killing of a fighter Israel described as “significant”.

The assault targeted deeper into Israel than the border area That Hezbollah usually strikes.

Hezbollah said it launched “a combined air attack using decoy and explosive drones that targeted” two Israeli bases north of Acre.

Read more : Videos : Hezbollah launched a combined air attack against the Golani Brigade in Akka 

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