Video : Hezbollah launches air attack on Akka , Israel responds with airstrikes

Hezbollah announces that it launched a combined air attack against the Golani Brigade headquarters and the headquarters of Egoz Unit 621 in the Sharaga barracks, north of the occupied city of Akka, and hit their targets accurately.

“In support of our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and in support of their brave and honorable resistance, and in response to the “israeli” aggression on the town of Adloun and the assassination of one of our fighting brothers, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance, at 01:40 PM on Tuesday, 23-04-2024, launched a combined aerial attack using diversionary and attack drones. The attack targeted the headquarters of the Golani Brigade and the Egoz Unit 621 at Shraga Barracks north of the occupied city of Akka, hitting its targets precisely” , Hezbollah said in a statememt .

while , In its response to Hezbollah’s strike ,

the IDF launched several strikes targeting south Lebanon .

The airstrikes were on the outskirts of the town of Markaba towards the town of Hounin, as well as the towns of Aita Al-Shaab, and Blida.

Additionally , the Artillery shelling targeting the town of Alma Al-Shaab, the town of Houla, the heights of Sadana, and the outskirts of the town of Shebaa.

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