WhatsApp tests voice messages to text on Android

Press reports revealed that the WhatsApp platform has begun testing a new feature in its application on the Android system that allows converting voice messages to written text.

This feature comes to make it easier to read the content of voice messages in situations where the user cannot listen to audio, such as crowded places or meetings.

The feature is based on voice-to-text technology, where the content of the voice message is analyzed and converted into written text that the user can easily read.

To activate this feature, the user will need to upload 150 MB of additional data to their phone, which is used to turn on voice-to-text technology.

WhatsApp confirms that the process of converting voice to text takes place on the phone itself, and no voice data is sent to the company’s servers, which maintains the privacy of users.

The popular messaging app is also testing this feature in the beta version on Android, and it is expected that it will be gradually rolled out to users over the next few weeks.

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