WATCH: Syrian, Russian strikes in Idlib annihilate helpless Turkish forces

Video evidence has emerged showing the extent to which a mixed Turkish Army and Turkish-backed militant battle group in Idlib province that attacked the Syrian Army two days ago was destroyed by Russian and government strikes.

The footage shows the destruction of armored assets, artillery positions, troop movements and forward command posts belonging to both the Turkish Army and Turkish-backed jihadist proxy groups (among them the Al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group).

The attack in question was a unilateral military operation led by Turkish occupation forces in the eastern countryside of Idlib to capture the town of Nayrab.

The battle lasted at least five hours during which time the Turkish Army and its militant proxies attacked in two waves using tanks, armored personnel carriers and heavy artillery.

Despite multiple claims from insurgent group and Turkish media that the town of Nayrab was captured, at no point did the town ever fall.

As the Turkish-led forces began to concentrate on the northern periphery of the town, Syrian and Russian air and artillery unleashed shells, rockets and bombs on the battle group’s forward units.

In the end, the Syrian Army was able to retain all of its pre-attack positions inside Nayrab and on its periphery.

Further behind the front, pro-government airpower monitored a Turkish Army artillery fire-base in the area of Al-Mastumah (just south of Idlib city), during which time a Turkish forces anti-aircraft team fired a MANPADS missile at a passing Su-24 fighter-bomber.

Aware it had been fired-on, the aircraft was able to use counter-measures to evade the incoming missile.

The official Turkish military position is that two soldiers were killed as a result of the battle.