Ukraine launches massive air attack as Russian MOD issues a statement

Ukrainian media confirmed that Kiev forces launched a massive air attack last night with more than 100 suicide drones on vital sites in Crimea and other sites in Russia.

Ukrainian accounts on the X platform published scenes of explosions at oil sites in Crimea after they were targeted by drones.

Russian air defense systems intercepted more than 100 Ukrainian drones over the past night, with most of them destroyed over the southern Krasnodar Region and Crimea, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Friday.

The attack caused a fire at the Tuapse oil refinery while drone fragments damaged an electric power substation in Sevastopol.

Russian air defense systems intercepted and destroyed 51 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the Crimean Peninsula and 44 drones over the Krasnodar Region. In addition, air defense forces intercepted six Ukrainian UAVs over the Belgorod Region and one drone over the Kursk Region, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported.

A fire broke out at the Tuapse oil refinery due to the fall of a drone. The fire has been fully extinguished by now. No one was hurt in the drone attack, Russian TASS said

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