WATCH: Jihadist in Idlib records moment of his obliteration during selfie

A jihadist fighter in southern Idlib province has recorded the moment he and a fellow militant were shelled by the Syrian Army whilst traveling on a motorcycle.
The footage comes in the form of a selfie video in which the jihadist fighter – as a passenger – and the motorcycle driver filmed themselves as they were riding only to be struck by a sudden explosion.

According to sources, the incident shown in the video occurred on September 1st in the town of At-Tah (located southeast of Murat al-Numan city); the explosion which hit the motorcycle was a well-placed howitzer round delivered by Syrian Army artillery units.
The town of At-Tah is located about six kilometers north of government positions in Idlib province.
As a result of the Syrian Army holding Tal Sidi Ali near At-Tamanaa, artillery units have line-of-sight fire-control over At-Tah town, allowing them to directly monitor and engage insurgent movements (as opposed to indirect fire based on coordinates passed-on through radio communication via another unit).
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